Storm in a Sippy Cup

Post4Today I am going to steal the post from my daughter, to talk about the ups and downs of pregnancy, literally the good, the bad and the painful. Oh and did I forget to mention the lingering? Yes, I was told everything would return to normal after birth, that has to be life’s greatest irony, for nothing returns to normal after birth. Not physically, emotionally or mentally.

I was diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia (PET) at 21 weeks, which is dangerously early in a pregnancy. Knowing my mom had it with me and I was born at 32 weeks, my fear was limited and I maintained a positive outlook. The reality of PET is that everyone has their own take on what to do and how to cope with it, every website has a different line on how it will affect your pregnancy and sadly for me, I did not have the…

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